16 Ingenious Life Hacks For Everyone

1.Use a photocopied picture to hang something up.

Life Hacks 1

2. Use a coffee filter for a microwave splatter guard.

Life Hacks 2

3.Lego Men for holding cables.

Life Hacks 3

4.Use a rubber band to make painting less messy.

Life Hacks 4

5.Rubber bands also help with stripped screws.

Life Hacks 5

6.Muffin tins are great for condiments at a bbq or when making tacos

Life Hacks 6

7.Use dryer sheets with a box fan to make a room smell better.

Life Hacks 16

8.Recycle toilet paper rolls to help organize cords in a box.

Life Hacks 7

9. After they grow out of the crib, turn it into a desk.

Life Hacks 8

10. Let baby powder sit overnight to remove oil stains on clothes.

Life Hacks 9

11. A safety pin helps make threading easy.

Life Hacks 10

12. Holes = no suction.

Life Hacks 11

13. Hang a basket on the inside of the sink door to keep miscellaneous sink items.

Life Hacks 12

14. Keep your kids from falling out of bed with a pool noodle.

Life Hacks 13

15. The easiest way to make grilled cheese.

Life Hacks 14

16. Hide your key outside by digging a hole and having only the pine cone show.

Life Hacks 15

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