14 Creative Uses For Old Cardboard Boxes

1. Sock Monkey or other stuffed animal bed

Animal Bed
How to make it here

2. We all love box forts!

Box Fort
Nathan Corning designed and built this recyclable cardboard fort for his girlfriend’s toddler. More from inhabitat

3. Awesome Slide

Nothing more to say here except that now my childhood seems unfulfilled.

4. Cool Camper

A sweet airstream camper. How to make it – Themerrythought

5. Make Laundry Fun

From Craftster

6. A House For Your Cats


7. A Whimsical Bedroom Set

Bedroom Set
From whimsy-love

8. Extreme Backyard Fun With A Drive-In

Drive in
From Instagram

9. Roads and Town Play Mat

Play Roads
From theimaginationtree

10. Sweet Cardboard Skeeball

Skeeball Cardboard
From mybeaubaby

11. A Very Detailed Fireplace

Cardboard Fireplace
A guy made this for his girlfriend so she can have a place to hang stocking. The full story from 9gag

12. Lemonade & Snack Stand

Snack Stand
From ApartmentTherapy

13. Fly Away Plane

Cardboard Plane
From NasaGreen

14. Cool Sword and Shield Set

Cardboard Shield

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