Baby Proofing – The Ultimate Guide To A Child Safe Home

Thousands of children every year in the U.S. are fatally injured from preventable home hazards. If you have little ones or expecting, baby proofing your home is a requirement you can’t afford to overlook. The best way to keep your children safe at home is to baby proof it, and prepare for common household hazards.

This article is separated into two sections – “Baby Proofing Things To Do” and “Baby Proofing Items To Buy”. We’ve included an easy way to purchase any of these baby proofing items with our Amazon Baby Proofing Wishlist. All of the items in this article are personal choices from Trulanding and have been selected based on quality and affordability.

Baby Proofing Things To Do

Remove All Choking Hazards From Your Home

  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Removable door stops
  • Pet Food – Clean up after and monitor your baby when your pet it eating
  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Inspect your home and get rid of all possible choking hazards

Redecorate or Remove

  • Put away all breakable decorative items away like heavy vases.
  • Get rid of certain poisonous houseplants such as philodendrons and poinsettias. Remove other houseplants off the floor.

Secure Weapons / Firearms

Kids will get into everything. And items meant to protect your family aren’t something you want your child getting their hands on.

  • Make sure your weapons and firearms are always safely secure and out of reach of children.
  • Consider getting a safe or something that’s not possible for them to access.

Adjust Hot Water

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and can easily be burned if the water is too hot.

  • Set the hot water in your home to 120 degrees or lower.
  • Check the temperature of the water before touching it to your baby’s skin.

Secure Cords and Vertical Blinds

Kids can easily get tangled in certain areas of the home and strangle themselves.

  • Tie together any electronics cords in your office or entertainment rooms.
  • Tie up vertical blind cords.

Secure Medications

  • Gather up all medications, pills, vitamins, etc. and secure them all in one place.
  • Don’t ever leave medications out, no matter how “baby proof” the cap is.

Keep Crib Items At A Minimum

  • Put away extra blankets, pillows and stuffed animals because they can actually suffocate your child.
  • Once your babies can pull themselves upright, put away mobiles with small hanging parts.

Fasten Tip-able Furniture To The Wall

Heavy furniture items such as bookcases and dressers can easily fall on children if they are climbing on them.

  • Secure furniture to the wall with a furniture strap

Fireplace Guard / Screen Door

The fireplace has many dangerous corners, hard surfaces, and the actual fire itself.

  • Get a fireplace screen that fits your fireplace.
  • When the fire is going, consider blocking off the entire area with an additional barrier.

Baby Proofing Items To Buy

The items below can be purchased in our Amazon Baby Proofing Wishlist Here. All items listed are personal choices of Trulanding and have been selected based on quality, affordability, and positive user reviews. Although purchasing from our wishlist gives Trulanding a small commission, it comes at no cost to you and the commissions have not influenced our decisions in any way. We only list items based on quality, affordability, and positive user reviews.

Baby Gates

Baby Gate

This section starts off with the all mighty “baby gate” because it’s the most common item people look for when baby proofing their home.

Safety gates keep children from going both up and down your stairs as well as certain areas of the home. You should have one baby gate at the top of the stairs, and one at the bottom.

Outlet Plug Covers

Outlet Plug Covers

Babies and children could be just 5 seconds away from sticking their fingers or something like a paper clip into a wall outlet. And that’s not a chance you should be willing to take.If you have kids or are expecting, install outlet covers. There are about 100 fatal injuries every year caused by kids electrocuting themselves.

*Be very careful when you get these – Some brands can easily be pulled out by your children causing a choking hazard. In our Amazon Wish List, we have listed a type people have reviewed saying they’re almost impossible to pull out.

Baby Bumpers & Corner Guards

Baby Bumpers Edge Bumpers

Rubber corner guards provide great protection from children hitting their heads on edges of coffee tables, fireplace hearths, and other dangerous areas.

Children who are just learning to walk or even children who just like to run around will probably hit their heads on something hard in your home. Go around your home and jot down all areas you may need baby bumpers.

Cabinet Locks

Cabinet Locks

There are 3 popular kinds of cabinet locks you can get. Each one has it’s own degree of safety and affordability.

The first one is your basic, most popular baby proof latch that is installed inside the cabinet. Some reviewers say their kids can easily open these, and others say they are perfect for babies, not so perfect for small children. The plus side is the cost. These are the least expensive of all the options, but require some handy skills to install.

The second one is the kind that locks the handles or knobs together. This one is much more difficult for children to get into, and also very affordable. The downside is the ease of accessibility for adults. These are perfect for areas you don’t need to get into often or are willing to take the steps to unlatch and re-latch. It does not require any handy skills to use/install.

The last one is a magnetic kind that easily install with strong adhesive. When you touch the circular part to the door where the latch is, it will unlock. You then keep the “key” magnetized to the fridge or in a drawer. The only 2 downsides are the cost, and if you lose the key you’ll have to get creative.

Baby Monitors

Baby Monitor

There are many kinds of baby monitors out there and most of them are great at doing their job. The baby monitor you choose will typically be based on your budget. There are the simple audio baby monitors for about $20-$30 and then there are the ones that stream video straight to your smart phone.

Baby Play Pen

For those times you need to cook or just relax but don’t want your baby getting into everything. Set up a baby play pen to ensure they have access to nothing!

Bath Spout Cover

Bath Spout Cover
Once your child is old enough to take a bath in the tub, consider getting a soft waterproof cover for the faucet. Small children can easily slip and hit their head hard on this.

Toilet Lid Lock

Toilet Lid Lock

Children are curious and you don’t want them poking around in the toilet, or even worse slip and fall face first inside. Consider getting a lid lock for the bathrooms they have access to.

Furniture Straps

Furniture Safety Straps

Furniture straps are great for securing TV’s and heavy items to keep them from falling. This is great for children who are climbers as well as safety if there’s an earthquake.

You can get any of these items on our Amazon Wish List

Remember, no matter how much your baby proof or child proof your home, there’s no better substitute for constant supervision. Teach your children early on with whats ok and what’s not. With that said, we hope you all have the most amazing times with your children at these young ages.

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