10 Cute Weekend Crafts For Kids

C’mon let’s not pretend that all these weekend crafts are just for kids. They’re actually for everyone! But, in case you’re looking for some crafty activities to do with your children on the weekend or a rainy day, here are some great ideas for crafty activities to enjoy together. Be careful, some of these crafts could be dangerous to babies and small children. Make sure you are following the baby proofing¬†your home guide when you have small children.

1. Seashell Peacock

I love making anything from seashells. This seashell peacock is a very fun and simple weekend craft for you and your kids to enjoy together.
Seashell Peacock
Get the full instructions from – CraftyMorning.com – Seashell Peacock

2. Cool Clothespin / Popsicle Stick Airplane

Here’s a very simple way to turn some clothespins and Popsicle sticks into fun with the kids.
Clothespin Airplane
Get the full instructions from – Clothespin Airplane

3. Stone Minions

All you need is some paint and rocks to make some cool Minions.
Rock Minions
From – MumInTheMadHouse

4. Paper Tube Animals

Instead of throwing away your paper rolls, why not recycle them into kids crafts!
Paper Tube Animals
Get the full instructions from – CreativeMeInspiredYou

5. Felt & Pinecone Owl Ornaments

These Pinecone owls can be used for tree ornaments or can be fun to make year round.
Pinecone Owls
Get the full instructions from – LiaGriffith – Pinecone Owls

6. Playtime Bigfoot Stompers

Some crazy cool Bigfoot Stompers made out of recycled cardboard. Your little ones will love this!
Cardboard Big Feet
More kids crafts like this at – WooJr
Want more easy cardboard crafts? Visit our article – 14 Creative Uses For Cardboard Boxes

7. Fruit Loops Rainbow Art

A simple and clever idea for a weekend kids craft idea and one to share with the children.
Fruit Loop Rainbow
From – MomItForward

8. DIY Snow Globe

By just using a recycled jar, you and the kids can make a personalized homemade snow globe.
DIY Snow Globe
Get the full instructions from – PBS – Homemade Snow Globes

9. Melted Crayon Art

All you need is some crayons, white canvas, hot glue gun, and a hair dryer and your kids can create a masterpiece.
Melted Crayon Art
Get the full instructions from – MrKate – Melted Crayon Art

10. Cute Shell Animals

A cool way to turn some ordinary shells in to cute animals.
Shell Animals

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