15 Ingenious Parenting Tricks and Tips

1. Extend the faucet using this easy trick.

faucet extender
From www.momsagainstcooties.com

2. Convert the crib into a desk.

crib desk

3. For the scary monsters under the bed, use the monster spray.

monster spray
From HappyGoLuckyBlog

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4. Rubber banded doorknob to keep children from locking themselves inside.

robber band knob
From Twentytwowords.com

5. A cool bracelet that has your phone number in case your children get lost.

phone number bracelet
From Twentytwowords.com

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6. Cut up pool noodles to cover up the springs on the trampoline

pool noodle trampoline
From www.mashable.com

7. Make a game out of sweeping the floor.

From emilii.com

8.Clean shoes and kids toys in the dishwasher.

From lifehack.com

9. Use a padlock to keep keep teenagers from using certain electronics.

padlock plug
From Juggaar

10. The lazy swing push

rope swing
From Reddit

11. When kids fight use the get along shirt.

get along shirt
From DanPearce

12. Keep an eye on your teenagers with this strategically placed mirror.

peek mirror
From RedHeadCanDecorate

13. If your kids constantly fall out of bed, use a pool noodle to put under the fitted sheet.

fall out of bed
From damncoolpictures.com

14. Keep the bath toys organized and all in one place.

bath toys
From Indulgy

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