Keep Homes Safe From Robberies – How Homes Are Targeted

There’s a home break-in every 15 seconds and this video from 20 20 will help keep you from becoming one of those statistics. The video above shows us what thieves look for when targeting homes.

The Secrets of Burglars and How To Keep Your Home Safe

In the video, the first thing this ex-burglar did was cruise the neighborhood to pick the perfect house to steal from. He explains that burglars are very picky when choosing homes and that most burglars look for the easiest home in the neighborhood to rob.

Tip#1 – Have a Security System with Cameras

Many burglars will stay clear of homes with security systems and signs displaying the home is protected by a system. But, its not the best idea to display the exact security company you use. Expert burglars know the tricks of each system and how to get around them, so use a generic sign rather than a sign from the company.

The number one thing to remember is to use your system. The ex-burglar in the video said that half the homes he’s victimized had systems but the owners we’re too lazy to set them.

Tip #2 – “Beware of Dog” Sign

A simple “Beware of Dog” sign can help keep burglars at bay. Whether you have a small dog, large dog, or even no dog, a posted sign is another way to deter robbers. Some people may think that you need to have a large dog to deter a thief, but thieves are actually more afraid of small dogs because they usually bark and make more noise.

What Attracts Burglars To Your Home

  1. Obstructions – Many home owners put up large fences or shrubs for more personal privacy, but this actually gives the burglars the same amount of privacy from your neighbors to burglarize your home.
  2. A Full Mailbox – Full Mailboxes tell burglars that your not home, or you haven’t been home in a while. Consider having a neighbor or family friend bring in your mail when going out of town.
  3. Social Media Posts – Burglars cruise social media everyday to find people who post that they’re going out of town. Don’t share to the world that you will be going on vacation.
  4. Window Air Conditioners – These can be pushed in with very little effort no matter it they’re screwed or bolted in.
  5. Leaving Ladders In Your Yard – Ladders make it very easy for burglars to reach the second story window, which is usually left unlocked.

Where To Hide Your Valuables

Burglars already know the most common places people hide their valuables, and the first place most burglars go is under the bed or in the closet of the master bedroom. They also know that most people group all of their jewelry in one place, usually the top drawer of their dresser. People should hide their jewelry and other valuables in other low-traffic rooms that burglars won’t typically go in.

Know Your Neighbors

It’s always a good idea to know your neighbors. Not that they would be suspects or anything, but they would likely know the history of the neighborhood and if break-ins are common. Here are some ideas on how to meet and get to know your neighbors.

How to keep your home safe from burglars – Infographic

Burglarproof home

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