10 Killer Space Saving Ideas For Your Home

If you live in a small space or you just have too much stuff all over the place, here are 10 clever and simple ideas to help save space in your home.

1. Store Towels On Your Bathroom Walls

Towels On WallsImage/Idea From: www.goodhomedesign.com

It’s quite a simple thought actually. All you have to do is get a few of these baskets you can get at any home goods store and mount them to your wall. This is perfect if your home has inadequate linen space and you need a place to put all of your towels.

2. The Dog’s Food/Water Bowls In Built-In Drawer

Food Bowl In DrawerImage/Idea From: www.freshome.com

If your a bit handy, you can build your dog’s food and water bowl into a drawer. I would recommend keeping an extra water bowl outside so he can drink when he wants or keep it open most of the time.

3. Install Towel Rack Inside Cabinet To Fit Lids

Lids Storage

Instead of having pots and pan lids all over the place inside of a cabinet, install a towel rack on the inside of the cabinet door to store the lids.

4. Get Magnetic Spice Canisters

Magnet Spices

These magnetic canisters you can get at World Market allow you to store spices anywhere magnets will work – on the fridge, range hood, or on a sheet of metal mounted to the wall or cabinet door.

5. Perfect Fit Table And Chairs

Table and Chairs

This set of table and chairs that you can get at Ikea is perfect for small apartments and small breakfast eating areas. The chairs fit nicely into the table appearing to be a single unit.

6. Cool Table Tennis Door Conversion

Table Tennis Door

Just a humorous way to turn your door into a play through table tennis game with your friends. This special door folds down into a table tennis game.

7. Wall Units and Racking For Your Garage

11Image/Idea From: www.lushome.com

Instead of a messy garage with random stuff all over the place, you can get one of these wall units with shelves to store sports equipment and other necessary garage items. Shop for items like this.

8. Everyone Could Use A Murphy Bed

Murphy BedImage/Idea From: www.houzz.com

Murphy beds are always great to have. You can use them for extra guests, in small apartments, or even when you’ve done something wrong and you have to sleep in the “doghouse”!

9. Put A Lazy Susan In The Fridge

Fridge Lazy Susan

Why not put a lazy susan right in your fridge!

10. An Outdoor Storage / Bench Combo

Storage Bench

A good way to store your outdoor items is inside one of these containers that doubles at a bench. You can get it on Amazon.

Think your home is small? Here a guy who is living in America’s smallest apartment – 74 sq. ft.

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