This Southern California Moving Company Has Realtors Hooked

//This Southern California Moving Company Has Realtors Hooked

This Southern California Moving Company Has Realtors Hooked

My most recent obsession has been researching why realtors choose one moving company over another. I know, kinda weird. But I’ve come across something very fascinating.

I’ve always thought that in a competitive market such as the San Fernando Valley, moving companies must pour tons and tons of money into marketing, competing against each other.

Not this moving company. This moving company is actually doing the exact opposite, and they’re getting more business than they’ve had in the last 25 years of service.

Their secret? Realtor Referrals.

I caught up with Mike Callahan, president of ABC Moving Systems in the San Fernando Valley area yesterday and my first question was:

“So what kind of offers or incentives are you giving these realtors to get them to refer you all of their business?”

His answer:


Realtors are consistently referring us their clients because they know we can execute for their clients, time after time. Good realtors who are truly looking out for their clients refer moving services based on quality, not because they can save their clients a hundred bucks.

Can you imagine what happens to the reputation of an agent when they refer a moving service that either breaks their clients’ items or has a bunch of hidden fees?

Our service to a realtor’s clients is a reflection of their service, so we always make sure that if we’re going to give anything as an incentive, it’s quality service and care for their client.

That’s the simple secret that keeps realtors coming back time after time, and what has helped keep us in business for the past 25 years.

After hearing this, it really made sense why ABC Moving Systems doesn’t pour a lot of money into their marketing. They’ve let their reputation speak for itself.

I did some research and sure enough, Mike wasn’t blowing smoke. ABC Moving Systems has one of the best reputations in all of Southern California. They have over 100 5 star Yelp reviews with just barely under a 5-star reputation and they’re A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

The marketing landscape in today’s world is changing. The internet has done it’s job by exposing bad moving companies and allowing the truly good ones to prosper naturally. The way it should be.

Here’s a link to ABC Moving Systems, just a great company led by a great guy.

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